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What a year 2020 has been for us all! Our thoughts are with all of those who have lost loved ones this year and to those who are key workers and have been working in different areas all over the country to keep things going – whether it be our amazing NHS workers and other emergency services who are keeping us all safe; the supermarket workers that are keeping the shelves stocked with everything we need; or the farmers up and down the country who are working hard to produce the best food for our tables!  Mental health is and has been a major issue for everyone and we are proud to be supporting RABI (a farming charity) to support those associated with the food and farming industry.


The Latest News

We have taken delivery of a smartboard to enable us to deliver amazing resources for school and college students, and to enhance the experience at shows and events for visitors across the country.

This also allows us to be post covid-19 safe with the games that are now interactive rather than a giant wooden jigsaw!

“We would never have wished COVID on anyone, but the time in lockdown has been invaluable in giving us the opportunity to evolve as an organisation” says Chairwoman, Debbie Wilson.

In the new year, Ladies in Pigs will be celebrating the start of their 30th year in business with some exciting news and developments, so we hope you will have a look at our website and social media pages to see what we have been doing!

Breaking news

We have been working hard to comply with covid-19 precautions and planning so that we can work safely in any setting. 

We have worked closely with the public protection and environmental health team that we report to, and we are good to go!

In the new year we will be relaunching our brand, ` and this includes an exciting, interactive website where you can book direct!