How LIPs supports the pig industry


LIPs recognises the need for unity within the industry.
We maintain a high profile, liaising with producers and producer organisations.
We encourage links between farming and food, city, and countryside.

In Schools

LIPs understands the need for educating future generations.
LIPs regularly attends school days and educational institutes, doing hands-on cooking activities and also games and activities about British food and farming.
LIPs produces an activity booklet for children called ‘The Pig Issue’, which also contains healthy eating information, as this is now part of the school curriculum.

The Consumer

Our members have frequent and direct contact with consumers.
LIPs lobbies for clear pork product labelling so that consumers can make informed buying decisions.

The Retailer

LIPs provides support to the pig industry as a committed, trained workforce.
We are pleased to support multiple retailers and independent butchers in a range of activities to promote quality pork and pork products.