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As we reflect on what would have been the end of another busy events calendar, it is with some sadness that we have been unable to support the many shows and schools that were booked in for the 2020 rota.  Ultimately, we needed to ensure that everyone was as safe as possible and be positive about going forward.  In this first issue of our news bulletin for the website, we are introducing you to the work we do.

Look out for us on our social media pages for inspirational recipes that are all delicious and easy to prepare and cook.  There are even child friendly Instagram videos of their recipes!  You are never too young to learn how to cook! 

We are also on YouTube!  Search for Rosie Kitchen or Ladies in Pigs and you will see our 2020 recipe collection.


The Latest News

During lockdown, the team at Ladies in Pigs have been busy finding ways to still be involved in education and promotion of the brilliant Red Tractor Farmers.

We have been involved in virtual versions of country shows across the county and have provided interactive and downloadable resources for children to do during the lockdown period.  These include Hertfordshire Show, Lincolnshire Show, Great Yorkshire Show, East of England food and farming schools day – to name but a few.  Some of the resources used may still be accessible via the show websites.

We have also been developing our education programme to embrace students aged from 11-18 as they are becoming more and more able to make choices about food they eat and are aware of the need to be sustainable!   For anyone who thinks they might want to join us as a paid volunteer, have a look at our Join Us page or use the Contact Us page to ask about what it involves.

Breaking news

We have been working hard to comply with covid-19 precautions and planning so that we can work safely in any setting. 

We have worked closely with the public protection and environmental health team that we report to, and we are good to go!

In the new year we will be relaunching our brand, ` and this includes an exciting, interactive website where you can book direct!